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Arrêt! Dangerous Drivers In France To Be Caught By Drones

Arrêt! Dangerous drivers in France to be caught by drones

A recent article we came across on describes how Police in Bordeaux France are using drones to catch drivers violating traffic laws. They  have already issued hundreds of fines thanks to the spy in the sky.

The drone has a clear view of the traffic but the police are hidden behind trees. They’re watching out for dangerous behavior, like driving too close to the vehicle in front or illegal passing.

Motorcycle cops, waiting down the road from the drone zone, receive a description of an incident and move to intercept, flagging down the offending vehicle and escorting it to a shoulder where a third group of police are waiting to ticket them and receive on-the-spot fines..

Drone surveillance does have one limitation. Although it can show dangerous driving — cars zigzagging through traffic for example — it is not suitable to detect speeding.

Government officials in charge of road safety said punitive measures are needed to change driver behavior. But some drivers are unhappy. Speed cameras already earn the French government three-quarters of a billion dollars a year in fines. is an online drone insurance specialist. Click here to download the proposal form.

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