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Garda Drone Insurance

  1. Reconstruction Traffic Control
  2. Reconnaissance missions Accident
  3. Gathering Intelligence
  4. Fire control
  5. Crowd Control Search and Rescue

Emergency Response Drone Insurance

  1. Accessing difficult to reach places thus allowing quicker response to locate individuals that may be injured
  2. Infrared and thermal cameras can be used to find individuals that may otherwise be impossible to find with night goggles and helicopters.
  3. Bushfire response, search and rescue etc

Construction Drone Insurance

  1. Surveying land, Monitoring sites to ensure safety, Inspecting sites or structures that would otherwise unreachable, Showing clients an aerial view of the project, both whilst under construction Management able to review high definition photographs throughout the construction process

Film and Videography Drone Insurance

  1. The use of drones for film or videography is increasing. Businesses within these areas can get drone insurance to protect their drone when using it for work.

Archaeological and Geological Exploration Drone Insurance

  1. UAVs are able to cover large areas of archaeological sites and can readily map out large habitation sites to reveal architectural features. The UAV can produce this visual data efficiently at minimal cost or processing.

Real Estate Drone Insurance

  1. Using drones in the real estate industry is becoming very popular in the industry.

Facilities Protection

  1. Gathering data and monitoring functionality, Evaluating threats, Identifying spills or leaks, Surveillance
  2. Road Maintenance Drone Insurance
  3. Pipeline or Electrical Cables Monitoring

Wildlife Conservation Drone Insurance UAVs 

  1. Drones can be used to track marine wildlife, which would ordinarily not be possible. Other applications include river and estuary surveys, counter poaching and fishing law enforcement. Other areas include agriculture and forestry.
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