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Drone News

Drone News

• Research at MIT has led a team to build a design tool which will enable novices to build their own drones of all shapes and sizes. The team have no current plans to commercialise the product but ‘may release an open-source version’ at some point. Read more here…..

• Ford have developed a patent for a self-driving car with a drone. The idea is that a drone will ‘be deployed from an autonomous vehicle to map the surrounding area’, past what the sensors can see. Passengers will be able to control the drone from ‘a navigation system’. Read more here…..

• John Hopkins researchers have suggested that it is safe to carry large bags of blood using drones. This is good news for rescuers, as in many cases they are in remote areas and can’t wait for blood. Drones will get blood to locations where rescuers are working quicker. Read more here…..

• The Cleo drone developed by Omar Eleryan and Simon Czarnota is a small pocket size drone for the average person to be able to capture pictures and videos with. It is more affordable and it is safer than most other drones. Cleo will make its ‘debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 2017’. Read more about Cleo here…..

• SunSpark took its first test flight in early December. The Advanced Programs Group (APG) who carried out the first test flight of the solar powered drone have stated that the first flight was a success. This will lead to a test flight of a full scaled SunSpark demonstrator in late 2017. Read more about SunSpark here…..

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