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British firm FlyLogix broke a national record for the longest beyond-line-of-sight drone flight during an 80km operation to inspect structures in the Irish Sea. (The Telegraph)

The privately-owned company FlyLogix’s set a British record after completing a 50-mile offshore round trip.The Condor drone’s flight took off from Blackpool airport over the Irish Sea where it inspected one of Centrica’s unmanned platforms in Morecambe Bay. Infrared sensors mounted on the Condor were used to survey the platform, providing a more efficient and potentially safer way of checking the rig without having to send staff out to sea. Drones are seen as a growth area with the global market for flying robots valued at $127bn by PwC. Infrastructure applications are expected to make up more than a third of the total.Survey work for industries such as construction and energy are expected to generate the greatest demand, offering a new point of view from traditional methods involving humans on the ground. is leading the way with Drone Insurance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and UAS operators.

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