Drone Insurance Cover

Drone Insurance Coverage

Below are the Typical Drone Insurance Coverage that our clients would look for 

UAV / Drone All Risks Insurance – Main Coverage

    1. Replace or repair, accidental loss or damage to the UAV
    2. Includes disappearance if the UAV is unreported for 60 days
    3. Includes reasonable emergency expenses incurred for the immediate safety of UAV up to 10% of amount insured
    4. Includes Payload
    5. Can provide cover during the R&D phase
    6. Includes Ground Station if required
    7. Includes Spares if required
    8. Transit extension if required

UAV /Drone Third Party Liability Insurance – Main Coverage

    1. Compensatory damages in respect of accidental bodily injury (fatal or otherwise) caused by the UAV
    2. Compensatory damages to property caused by the UAV
    3. Includes Payload
    4. Can provide cover during the R&D phase

UAV Products Liability Insurance – Main Coverage

    1. Bodily injury or property damage arising out of products manufactured by the Insured once such products are no longer in the possession or control of the insured
    2. Insurers will pay legal costs incurred in the defence of any claim made against the insured up to sum insured