DRONE INSURANCE Do I need a permission from the IAA to fly an RPAS?

If so, what do I need?

RPAS – Commercial use: If your RPAS is intended to be used for commercial purposes (i.e. to make money), then you need a permission to fly and an aerial work permit from the IAA. Details of the procedure for applying for a permission and aerial work permit can be found here. (If you are not a licensed pilot, you will need to provide evidence that you have completed an RPAS training course from an approved RPAS training facility). RPAS – Recreational usage:

If your RPAS is to be used purely for recreational purposes then you DO NOT need a permission to fly and you do not need formal piloting qualifications.

It is your responsibility, to comply with all the rules for the operation of model aircraft and ensure that you are fully familiar with the ‘Rules of the Air’.

For example, for safety reasons, RPAS being operated recreationally may not be used in ‘controlled airspace’ without special permission from the IAA. It is illegal to fly a model aircraft for commercial hire and reward.

We can offer you Public Liability / Third party liability for Drones – Unmanned Aircraft – RPA remotely piloted aircraft. In some cases we can do the public liability as wells as the drone and others it’s the third party insurance cover for the drone only.

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